Experience the taste of wild nature from our exclusive reindeer meat, processed by Sami craft methods in the heart of Finnmark.

The taste of reindeer is more than just meat. That's the taste of the wild Finnmark.
The reindeer flock travels hundreds of kilometers each year, under the midnight sun and northern lights, in the free Arctic nature.
Our reindeer graze on nutritious low and lightning species, such as
makes the meat healthy and flavorful.

We follow every one from birth to slaughter and shepherd
those on the walk between seasons.
How we take care of the taste our ancestors have cultivated for generations
- the taste of wild nature.

Experience the wild

by Finnmark

Dried reindeer meat

For generations, the common people have dried reindeer meat, this is a Sami delicacy made by ancient methods.

Much of the reason that reindeer meat is so good for our health is said to be the reindeer's diet that graze in Arctic nature.
Research also shows that reindeer meat contains the amino acid taurine which has an anti-aging effect, and antioxidants
which is known to be beneficial to health.

Dried reindeer meat is used as both turmeric and snacks, often for a cold lager.
The product contains Omega-3 and 6, essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, selenium, zinc and iron.

Dried reindeer meat